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Raw Duck Foie Gras Grade EXTRA Deveined (330g – Allow 5 Workingn Days)


Fresh Duck Foie Gras Lobe Grade EXTRA


A whole raw and deveined fresh duck foie gras lobe to sear and pan fry with, as well as making your own foie gras from scratch.

We have focused on the Grade EXTRA quality – which are the best available – and this simply means the texture and taste are as good as can be, whichever way you use it.

These raw lobes have circa 5 days life fresh, and usually, they are used by slicing them on receipt, and then freezing the slices – which prolongs the life to 1 year + and you use it when you need it – foie gras is one of the rare fine foods which can be frozen and lose nothing of the original flavour.

Product Information

Storage: Circa 5 days life fresh in a fridge. The usual way to store these is to slice the foie gras into slices and then freeze it in which case the shelf life extends to 1 year +
Nutritional Info: Per 100g : 2090kJ (507 kcal) Fat : 50.1g of which saturated : 19.13g / Carbohydrates : 5.6g of which sugars : 2.3g / Protein : 8.1g / Salt : 1.42g


Duck liver 100%.