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Castaing Free Range Duck Confit

Confit has been somewhat “commodified” in recent years, with price falling at the expense of quality – with shortcuts being taken, both in duck quality and production methods.

Castaing are a small company based in the Landes reputed for their quality (they supply La Grande Épicerie in Paris, which is France’s most famous food hall) and have worked backwards here – first to produce a superb quality confit, which they have then priced accordingly.

The result is the best confit in our range, prepared in small batches with free range ducks or geese – and indeed some of the finest confit you will find anywhere. Even the duck fat is better than in a normal confit (you can naturally save this to roast vegetables)!

The other range we feature with the same ethos, are the luxury French meals from Perigord by Maison Godard.

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