Todays French Food Recommendations

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New Larger Range Of Oscietra Caviar

Our Oscietra is sourced from a cold water, out door farm in northern Italy. The firm eggs are about 2.8mm diameter with a colour varying from a rich golden brown to dark tobacco brown. This Oscietra has a mellow nutty flavour, that lingers long on the palate. Due to our close association with the producers, we have an allocation of their very best Oscietra. We have also managed to secure a limited supply of an excellent special reserve Oscietra caviar from an outdoor through-flow farm in Poland.

New Sevruga Caviar

We have not stocked any Sevruga for quite some time. Good Sevruga is always hard to find. We have now sourced this caviar from a relatively new farm in Romania. This caviar is from the Stellatus Sturgeon – true Sevruga.

This Sevruga has small, softish eggs as you would expect from a Sevruga but it has better egg definition than most. They are medium grey in colour and full of flavour.

Todays French Food Recommendations

Please take a look at todays French (as well as Spanish, Greek and Italian) fine food recommendations! Todays selection has a slightly seasonal slant with specialities, which we feel will be suited to the warmer weather as well as some special offers we feel particularly good and worth making the most of!

Saffron Stamen Sargol Grade A (1g)

Grade A Sargol saffron stamen in 1g boxes of superb quality – we are genuinely convinced there is not a better quality saffron available in the UK.

Plantin Dry Mushrooms And Truffles

Limited Summer Sale – Less 33% As We Lower Stock Levels A Little. Our main comment on the Plantin range, is that the quality of all their range is second to none and this will become apparent in your recipes. The Plantin range of dry mushrooms and truffles has a reputation for quality and they ship to Chefs world-wide.

Todays French Food Offers

Please make the most of our July French food sale. Offers chop and change, so if you see something you like please make the most of this!

French Food Multi Buy Offers

We are once again showcasing a growing range of multi buy case offers offering you very substantial savings. As all the range is long life and ambient storage, these really make economic sense!

French Seafood

Discover our delicious range of high-quality French seafood specialities – all 100% natural! Includes Perard lobster, fish and crab soups; seafood bisques and tinned fish specialities by La Belle-Iloise; a very enjoyable crab butter and lobster butter by Cruscana!

Luxury French Meals From Perigord

The Maison Godard range of luxury French meals from Perigord is one of our very best French food ranges and the quality and flavour of these specialities is just superb!

Pruneaux D’Agen

The 2023 Agen prune harvest was exceptional due to ideal weather conditions and one of the best harvests of the last decade. As a result our current stocks of Agen prunes are some of the finest we have ever tasted.

Luxury Jams

Choose from a very high quality selection of some of the best jams we have tasted in a long time prepared for us by Mymoune (the Lebanese fig jams) and The Frenchman (75% fruit content organic French hams). Also a popular range to send as gifts!

100% Iberico Ham, Hand-Carved 100g (Great Taste Gold Award)

This DOP Extremadura Ibérico de bellota ham is made from animals that have fattened on acorns for 10 -12 weeks on the local dehesa and have then been cured in Badajoz for more than 3 years.

The end result is a superb, succulent ham with an intense savoury aroma, a complex mature flavours that combines sweet nuttiness with a salty depth and has a long, deep, lingering aftertaste. Both the flavour and texture are just magnificent! Even the fat tastes good.