Special Reserve Oscietra 50g

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A Delicious Oscietra Caviar With Firm Eggs And A Tobacco Golden Colour

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Every so often, we are offered a caviar that is so good that we can’t resist offering it to you. We are very happy with our existing Oscietras, but were recently offered some Oscietra from an outdoor flow-through farm in Poland, which fell into this category.

The farm is very proud of its stock of Gueldenstaedtii (proper Oscietra) sturgeon, and rightly so. They produce a very impressive caviar, with firm and well defined eggs, a very light colour (tobacco colours fading to a more golden background) and perfect flavour. We were impressed and hope you will be too.

This caviar has been 12 years in the making and it is harvested from Gueldenstaddi sturgeon, with the stock originating from the Caspian Sea. It is delicious and one of the finest caviars we have featured of late.


Sturgeon Roe, Salt, E285.

Product details


Please note that all caviar products should be refrigerated upon receipt. Once opened, consume within 48 hours. Caviar can be stored in a domestic fridge from -2c to +4c (the colder and closer to 0c the better!) 4 weeks and more. When storing caviar in your fridge, it is important to store it at the back of the fridge on the bottom shelf where it is coolest and temperature does not fluctuate.

Cooking Preparation Tips

How best to enjoy your Royal oscietra caviar?

1. Eat a little on a spoon to enjoy the taste in it’s purest form!

2. Add a little to a blini, with butter or sour cream and chives – makes a great canape.

3. Can be enjoyed on toasted dark rye bread with scrambled eggs.

4. Traditionally drinks to accompany caviar include chilled vodka or champagne.

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