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Corail d'Oursin Perard - Sea Urchin Roe

Sea Urchin Roe (50g) Outstanding!


Corail d’Oursin Perard – 100% Sea Urchin Roe

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For any lover of seafood, this is just outstanding – exquisite even, and the only thing which is a shame is that it is so expensive.

Corail d’oursin (sea urchin roe) smells of the sea, tastes of the sea and is an exceptional gastronomic pleasure – it’s different but easily as special and good as caviar.

Best served very cool (almost cold) with a few drops of fresh lemon juice – that’s all that’s needed! If you just want a one off gourmet delight, this served with a very chilled white wine such as a medium dry Vouvray is a real treat.

You could also put in on canapes. Very unusual and very good.


Urchin roe (100%)

Product details


Can be stored in a cupboard. Once open, store in a fridge and use within 3 days.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g 530kj/ 127kcal Fat 6,3g of which saturates 2,1g Carbohydrates 2,1g of which sugars 2,1g Protein 16g Salt 0,65g

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