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Dried Chanterelles (Girolles Sechees) Mushrooms Plantin

Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms (50g)


Girolles Dry Chanterelles Plantin Brand

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Grade A dried chanterelle (girolles) mushrooms from France.

Chanterelles are creamy white or light yellow and have a fruity flavour and aroma.

Girolles measure between 5 and 10 cm, and can be differentiated from other chanterelle species by their funnel-shaped cap measuring 2-8 cm wide, and the deep folds under the cap.

Dried just after harvest, our chanterelles retain all their flavour and can therefore be stored for a very long time (1 year plus). Simply rehydrate for around an hour to restore the appearance and flavour of the fresh mushroom and cook however you please!

The chanterelle is a delicious mushroom that makes a great addition to an array of dishes. Perfect for risottos, stocks, stews and sauces. Chanterelles can also be used in stuffings and minced meat dishes.

How To Use Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms?

Rehydrate dried chanterelles for 45 minutes in tepid water and carefully rinse a few times to remove any grit.

You can keep the water you soak them in to add further flavour to your dish too!

When it is hydrated, the chanterelle gains 3.5 times its weight. 10 grams of dried chanterelles are therefore equivalent to around 35 grams of fresh chanterelles.


Dried chanterelle (cantharellus cibarius) mushrooms.

Product details


If stored in a cool dry place, chanterelles will keep for up to 18 months.

Shelf Life:

1 Year+

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