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Saucisse De Canard Aux Lentilles Maison Godard
Saucisse De Canard Aux Lentilles Maison Godard

Duck Sausages In Lentil Sauce (840g Serves Two)


Saucisse de Canard Aux Lentilles et Au Piment d´Espelette – Maison Godard

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A very tasty and 100% natural dish from South West France and enjoyable and satisfying meal for two moderately large appetites (or three smaller appetites).

Some very flavour duck sausages cooked in a lentil and vegetable sauce with just a hint of Espelette chilli pepper.

To enjoy this dish, simply pour the contents into a saucepan and warm gently.

Prepared for us by Maison Godard in the French Perigord region.

2 years life unopened.


Duck sausages (30%), lentils (30%). Sauce: duck stock. Onions, salt, wheat flour, duck fat, celery, egg, pepper, Espelette pepper.

Product details


Store in a cool dry place. Once open store in a fridge 0-4c and consume within 2 days.

Shelf Life:

2 Years

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g : 882 kJ (210 kcal) Fat : 10g of which saturated : 3g / Carbohydrates : 17g of which sugars : 1g / Protein : 13g / Salt : 1g

Cooking Preparation Tips

Simply pour the contents of the tin into a saucepan, warm up gently and serve.

A complete meal in itself, this does not require a side dish, but if you wanted one, a fresh salad, some boiled broccoli …

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