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French Beef Stew - One Portion Ready Meal - Maison Godard Brand
French Beef Stew - One Portion Ready Meal - Maison Godard Brand

French Beef Stew In Bergerac Wine Sauce (410g Tin Serves 1/2)


French Beef Stew In Bergerac Wine Sauce Serves One – Maison Godard Brand

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An outstanding French dish prepared by Maison Godard in the French Perigord region – serves one large appetite or two smaller appetites.

This lovely meal is prepared with tender chunks of beef simmered in a Bergerac wine sauce and accompanied by carrots, mushrooms, onions and bacon salt.

GFN Tasting Staff Verdict? “Tastes like a home cooked meal” …. “good enough to serve when entertaining” …. “extraordinary that  food in a tin tastes so good” … “the meat is remarkably tender” …. “50% meat per tin but the overall flavour is well balanced”.

Serve with boiled potatoes or rice to absorb the delicious sauce.


Beef (50%), carrots, mushrooms, porc petit sale, sauce: Bergerac wine 10%, water, onions, modifed starch, tomato concentrate, salt, cornflour, wheat flour, butter, parsley, garlic, veal stock, sugar, thyme, laurel, pepper.

Product details

Shelf Life:

3 Years


Store in a cupboard. Once open store in a fridge and consume within 3 days.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g : 620 kJ (149 kcal) Fat : 10g of which saturated : 5g / Carbohydrates : 3g of which sugars : 1g / Protein : 11g / Salt : 0.88g

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