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Dried Porcini Mushrooms (50g)

Dried Porcini Mushrooms Plantin

Grade A dried porcini mushrooms from France.

Dried porcini mushrooms work tremendously well in Summer risottos, pasta and polenta dishes, and cream based sauces and soups.

One tub is sufficient to last you quite a few recipes.

Plantin (our supplier) ship truffles and mushrooms to chefs world wide and what sets them apart is their consistent quality.

Case Offers:

No. Of Units Unit Price Total Price
1 @ £5.50 Each £5.50
3 @ £4.50 Each £13.50
6 @ £4.00 Each £24.00
12 @ £3.35 Each £40.20


Product Information

Product Details:

Storage:Store in a cool dry cupboard.
Shelf Life:1 Year.


Dry porcini mushrooms.

Cooking Preparation Tips

Rehydrate dried porcini for 45 minutes in tepid water and carefully rinse them a few times to remove any grit.

You can keep the water you soak them in to add further flavour to your dish too!