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Dried Porcini Mushroom Grade EXTRA (500g) - Plantin

Dried Porcini Mushroom Grade EXTRA (500g)


Cepes Dry Porcini Plantin 500g EXTRA Grade

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Grade EXTRA (the best quality available) dried porcini mushrooms.

Our supplier (Plantin) supply chefs worldwide and are reputed for their quality – and that really is the one selling point of these dried porcini mushrooms, they are as good as you will find!

We are sometimes asked whether the mushrooms are French? The answer is more often than not, no. Plantin (our supplier) source mushrooms from several different countries – their one criteria being quality. They are then dried at very low heat on strings in ovens.

These larger tubs of dried porcini offer you good value and keep for a long time (12 months in cool dry storage) and one tub will last for many recipes.


Dry porcini mushrooms (boletus edulis)

Product details


Store in a cool dry cupboard.

Nutritional Info:

Per 100g : 1304 kJ (312 kcal) Fat : 6.8g of which saturated : 1.4g / Carbohydrates : 17.8g of which sugars : 11.3g / Protein : 32.7g / Salt : 1g

Cooking Preparation Tips

Rinse carefully to remove any grit and then rehydrate them for 1-2hours.

The remaining liquid can then also be used to add extra flavour to your recipe.

Sear them in a pan with garlic and parsley to be enjoyed with meat or poultry.

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