Caspian - Caviar Royal Beluga Caviar 125g jar
Caspian - Caviar Royal Beluga Caviar 125g jar

Royal Beluga Caviar 125g


A High Quality Beluga Caviar From An Outdoor Spring Fed Farm In Northern Italy

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Although our beluga is always good, each batch varies a little and the current one is especially good, one of the best we have tasted and simply delicious! A burst of flavour, a fine creamy taste, we are in a good mood every time we try this. It’s really a pleasure to eat and puts the world to rights!

The eggs are dark grey in colour, 3mm in diameter.

Our royal beluga caviar comes from a spring fed, out door farm in northern Italy where the attention to detail is phenomenal. The water quality, temperature, food and processing is all rigorously monitored, and the results are plain to taste.

Beluga Caviar has the largest egg and is the most expensive of all caviars. This Beluga caviar is from Huso Huso/Baerii (Beluga/Siberian) hybrid stock, which is the mainstay of farmed Beluga production as it reaches maturity some 10 years quicker than a pure Beluga sturgeon.

This caviar has the egg size and taste expected of Beluga but not the price.

We have also written a few tips on “How To Store Caviar? A Guide To Caviar Storage“.


Sturgeon Roe, Salt, E285.

Product details

Caviar Storage:

Please note that your beluga caviar should be refrigerated upon receipt. Once opened, consume within 48 hours. Caviar can be stored in a domestic fridge from 0-4c (the closer to 0c the better!) 4 weeks and more. When storing caviar, it is important to store it at the back of the fridge on the bottom shelf where it is coolest and temperature does not fluctuate.

Cooking Preparation Tips

How best to enjoy your royal beluga caviar?

1. Eat a little on a spoon to enjoy the taste in it’s purest form! We still find this the best way!

2. Add a little caviar to a blini, with butter or sour cream and chives – makes a great canape.

3. Caviar can also be be enjoyed on toasted dark rye bread with scrambled eggs. Other recipes include Caviar Deviled EggsSmoked Salmon And Caviar Eggs Benedict and Caviar and Smoked Salmon Canapes.

4. Traditionally drinks to accompany caviar include chilled vodka or champagne.

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