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Bloc De Foie Gras De Canard Edouard Artzner 120g

Bloc De Foie Gras De Canard Edouard Artzner (120g Jar Serves 2/3)


Foie Gras De Canard En Bloc Edouard Artzner – Duck Foie Gras Block 2/3 Portion

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A very good quality duck foie gras 2-3 portions, with screw top lid which makes opening very easy!

Prepared by Edouard Artzner foie gras specialists in Strasbourg, these jars of duck foie gras make a very enjoyable French starter for two and also work well on canapes if you are entertaining.

Foie gras is best served cool, on finely sliced, lightly toasted bread, with a fruit chutney or wine jelly of your choice. Alternatively seasoning with a little salt and pepper works very well too!

You may also be interested by our blog post on how to serve, eat and store foie gras.

With regards wine pairings, although traditionally foie gras de canard has been enjoyed with sweet white wines from the Bordeaux region (especially sauternes), increasingly the consensus is just to enjoy it with a wine you enjoy!


Duck liver, water, salt, cognac, sugar, spices, anti-oxydant: sodium ascorbate, preservative: sodium nitrite.

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Store in a cupboard. Once open, store in a fridge and consume within 2 days.

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