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Duck Confit

Our tins of duck confit are on promotion offering you the best prices in the UK. The reason? In anticipation of Brexit, we are stocking up and currently have sufficient duck confit to run these offers (all stocks have 3 years life). La Belle Chaurienne confit (the black and gold tins) have won a tasting competition 8 times and one of the best on the market and we sell thousands of these each year which we take as a good sign! New Saucisson Sec Range In Stock!





Brexit & Ordering¬† – in anticipation of importing delays from end of October we strongly encourage customers thinking of ordering for Christmas to order now to avoid shortages and price rises.¬† Please Click here For Ordering Info and Click Here To Read About Us. We are also including a complimentary tray of our choc walnuts with all orders as a thank you! Click Here To View Today’s Special Offers!