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La Belle Chaurienne - Pork Cassoulet au Porc 840g tin

Pork Cassoulet La Belle Chaurienne (840g Tin Serves Two) Best Buy


A Very Good Two Portion Pork Cassoulet

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A tasty two portion pork cassoulet prepared for us by La Belle Chaurienne (click here to view their full range) in Castelnaudary.

La Belle Chaurienne have been producing cassoulet for almost 60 years and one of France’s most reputed brands.

Cassoulet is a traditional French dish from South West France, which is essentially pieces of meat (pork in this case) and charcuterie cooked in  a white lingot bean sauce – so a sort of meat and bean stew. It is very satisfying and a complete meal in itself, which does not require sides.

La Belle Chaurienne pork cassoulet is 100% natural, gluten free and surprisingly low in calories for something this tasty.

Please scroll down to view cassoulet serving suggestions and preparation tips.


Pork, Toulouse sausages, charcuterie, lingot beans, duck fat, tomatoes, garlic, salt, pepper.

Product details


You can store your pork cassoulet in in a cupboard. Once open store cassoulet in a fridge and consume within 3 days.

Shelf Life:

3 Years

Dietary Information:

Gluten free. Nut free. Egg free. Lactose free. Wheat and derivative free. No artificial preservatives or additives.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g : 543 kJ (130 kcal) Fat : 6g of which saturated : 2.3g / Carbohydrates : 8g of which sugars : 0.5g / Protein : 9g / Salt : 0.7g

Cooking Preparation Tips

Simply open your cassoulet tin, pour the contents into a saucepan, and warm up very gently – please scroll down to view more detailed preparation tips.

With regards to storage, cassoulet is a preserve, so you can store your pork cassoulet tin in a cupboard until you need it.

You may interested in our blog post how to serve eat and store cassoulet. as well as our variations on how to serve and enjoy cassoulet.

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