Grade A Sargol Saffron 1g
Grade A Sargol Saffron 1g

Saffron Stamen Sargol Grade A (1g)


Grade A Sargol Saffron 1g – Highest Quality Saffron

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Grade A Sargol saffron stamen in 1g boxes of superb quality – we are genuinely convinced there is not a better quality saffron available in the UK.

Sargol saffron is the highest grade/ quality of saffron available and is made up of the top part of the red stigmas from the crocus flower, which have been professionally cut and separated from the crocus flower prior to drying. The stigma from the top part of the flower are deep red in colour and have the most intense flavour in cooking.

As a general rule when buying saffron, good quality saffron is red, not yellow in colour (avoid saffron with yellow strands in it) and also price is a rough guide – good quality saffron is not cheap.

Our saffron is characterized by it’s intense deep red colour – just a pinch will add great flavour to your recipes.

We genuinely feel there is not a better saffron on the market – try it to make saffron risotto, saffron cakes, pilau rice … or even saffron pasta!

Our saffron supplier is Afropol Fine Foods, who specialise in sourcing and packaging high quality ingredients.


100% saffron: sargol Grade A

Product details


Store in a cool dry cupboard.

Best Before:

October 2025

Cooking Preparation Tips

Saffron needs to be steeped in hot water or broth before adding it to food.

Pre-soaking saffron stamen (20 minutes ideally) also allows the color to disperse throughout the food.

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