Duck Terrine With Green Peppercorn (180g Jar)

Duck Terrine With Green Peppercorn (180g Jar Serves Two)


Terrine De Canard Au Poivre Vert – French Duck Terrine With Peppercorn – Castaing Brand

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A superb duck terrine seasoned with green peppercorn.

The flavour of green peppercorn shines through and the texture and appearance of the pate are perfect.

Enjoy on some lightly toasted brown bread, with a chutney of your choice and perhaps a cheese too!

All the pates in this range are outstanding, but this one of our favourites!


Pork meat and fat, duck meat 22%, poultry livers, eggs, white wine (sulfites), starch, gelatine, green pepper 1.5%, salt, spices, dextrose, sugar, aromatic plants.

Product details


Store in a cupboard. Once open store your duck pate with peppercorn in a fridge and eat within 3 days.

Shelf Life:

3 Years.

Dietary Information:

Gluten free and wheat free.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g : 696 kJ (166 kcal) Fat : 10 of which saturated : 3.8g / Carbohydrates : 4.2g of which sugars : 0.5g / Protein : 14g / Salt : 1.2g

Cooking Preparation Tips

Makes a delicious French starter served cool on some lightly toasted bread, with some cornichons and a glass of red wine.

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