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Caspian - Caviar Special Reserve Huso Huso Beluga Caviar 125g jar
Caspian - Caviar Special Reserve Huso Huso Beluga Caviar 125g jar

Special Reserve Huso Huso Beluga Caviar 125g


Special Reserve Beluga (Pure Huso Huso) Caviar

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We seldom stock pure Huso Huso Beluga caviar due to the difficulty of finding excellent quality caviar at a reasonable price. We have tasted many pure Belugas that dont look the part, dont taste the part and/or are offered at a silly price. We did like our last offering but sadly it has now moved into the “silly price” bracket.

So we have found a new supplier in an outdoor farm in Greece. This example really does tick all the boxes. Do take a look at the picture of the caviar pre-tinning. It really is very impressive on the eye and tastes gorgeous as well.

The eggs are very light grey and 3-3.5mm in diameter. What does it taste like? It has a delicate, creamy subtlety that is a joy on the palate. It should be savoured with few additions, preferably enjoyed on its own.

Pure Beluga (Huso Huso) is not widely farmed as it takes 18-20 years to mature. Even after all that time, there is no guarantee that the fish will produce really good caviar. We have seen many poor quality examples but were thrilled to be able to source this example.

We have also written a few tips on “How To Store Caviar? A Guide To Caviar Storage“.


Sturgeon Roe, Salt, E285 – Borax

What is Borax?
Borax, also known as Sodium borate, is a form of salt that is traditionally used in caviar production. It helps in the preservation process, improves consistency and also enhances the flavour.

Allergen advice: contains fish

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Please note that all caviar products should be refrigerated upon receipt. Once opened, consume within 48 hours. Caviar can be stored in a domestic fridge from 0-4c (the closer to 0c the better!) 4 weeks and more. When storing caviar in your fridge, it is important to store it at the back of the fridge on the bottom shelf where it is coolest and temperature does not fluctuate.