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Fresh Black Winter Truffle Grade EXTRA (20g)


Fresh Black Winter Truffles Grade EXTRA (The Best Quality Available)

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We have received our first fresh black Winter truffles (tuber melanosporum) of the New Year from France – we have decided to feature 20g truffles, which will last for one recipe/ dish if you go all out, or two recipes if you are looking for a less pronounced flavour.

We stock the EXTRA grade, which are the very best available on the truffle markets.

Fresh black winter truffles are best grated over a warm dish as it is served – for example risotto, pasta dishes, and not something to cook with as the heat damages/ breaks down the flavour. Fresh black truffles also go well with any sort of egg dish!

With regards storage, they are best stored in a fridge and wrapped in foil and used as soon as possible as the aroma evaporates with time.


Fresh black Winter truffle (tuber melanosporum)

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