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Goose Foie Gras Bloc Edouard Artzner 120g

Goose Foie Gras Bloc Edouard Artzner (120g Jar)


Bloc De Foie Gras D’Oie  – Goose Foie Gras Bloc – Edouard Artzner Foie Gras De Strasbourg

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On sale as we lower stocks and with 2 years life an excellent buy!

A very good goose foie gras bloc in 2-3 portion jars prepared by Edouard Artzner foie gras specialists in Strasbourg.

Presented in a jar with an easy to open screw top lid. Serves 2-3.

These smaller goose foie gras are perfect for to include in French food hampers and make lovely gifts.

Best served cool on some finely sliced, lightly toasted bread, with a fig chutney or Sauternes wine jelly.

We’ve also written some more detailed notes on how to serve, eat and enjoy foie gras.


Goose liver, water, salt, sugar, spices, anti-oxydant: sodium ascorbate, preservative: sodium nitrite.

Product details


Store in a cupboard. Once open, store in a fridge and consume within 2 days.

Shelf Life:

Best Before 12/2024

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