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Black Winter Truffle Paste (120g)

Black Winter Truffle Paste

A taste explosion prepared with 75% black Winter truffles!

You won’t be needing much to give your dishes an amazing flavour and this rare ingredient is aimed as much at professional chefs as foodies.

Not to be confused with Summer truffle paste or even good quality truffle oils which do not have the same depth and intensity of flavour.

A great substitute when fresh black Winter truffles are out of season and also practical as it can be stored in a fridge.

Prepared By Plantin truffle specialists in Provence.


Product Information

Product Details:

Storage:Can be stored in a fridge for 9 months (a good tip is to add a layer of olive oil over your truffle paste)
Shelf Life:3 Years


Black Winter truffles (75%), extra virgin olive oil, truffle juice, salt, black truffle aroma.

Cooking Preparation Tips

Similar in texture to a tapenade and very easy to use. Count 10g per person.

Add a little truffle paste to mashed potatoes, risotto, pasta dishes or soup for an incredible finishing touch.

Mix in butter, a risotto or some mashed potato or as simple as spread on toast and use as “mouillette” for your soft boiled egg.