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How To Make Bouillabaisse

Take a little culinary trip to the French Riviera by making a Bouillabaise.  Warm, hearty and good for the soul – this seafood soup has been a staple dish along the sun-kissed shores of the French Riviera. It originated in the Ports along the coast of the Mediterranean, as fishermen came back and were left wondering what to do with the fish that were too bony or small to sell. The answer was to chuck them all into a pot and to create a rustic stew. And so, from humble beginnings, the Bouillabaisse was born. Along the coast, there are...

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The Good Food Network is an online French food retailer (founded in 1996) specialising in traditional French gourmet foods and luxury foods such as caviar. We import and deliver the finest traditional gourmet French food to the UK which you can buy online. We invite you to take a look at our French Food Blog and Recipes Page!

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We are a member of The Guild of Fine Food