Classic Soft Amaretti From Mombaruzzo

Classic Soft Amaretti From Mombaruzzo (200g Contains 10 Amaretti ) Best Before August 2024

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Premium Quality Amaretti From Mombaruzzo

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Ideal as gifts, but more importantly just delicious! Classic soft amaretti (a sort of Italian biscuit but softer) from Mombaruzzo in Italy.

The smell is lovely when you open a packet – sweet and somehow Italian! The flavour is even better, very fine, exquisite, would be apt descriptions!

The taste is very different to anything we know in the UK – amaretti are made with apricot kernels and almonds – and this is the flavour, which shines through.

Delicious with afternoon tea or coffee or to send as gourmet gifts for a delicious and slightly different treat.

They also happen to be gluten free!


Sugar, apricot kernel 32%, egg white, almond 4%, glucose syrup. Preservative: potassium sorbate.

May contain sulphites and other nuts.

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