La Belle Chaurienne – Cassoulet And Duck Confit From Castelnaudary

La Belle Chaurienne – Cassoulet And Duck Confit From Castelnaudary

La Belle Chaurienne was the first French food range we selected when we founded The Good Food Network back in 1996 together with the Perard fish soup range from Le Touquet.

We chose La Belle Chaurienne because they prepared a wide range of the traditional French foods (mainly duck confit, cassoulet, foie gras and pates) we were looking to stock.

27 years on, La Belle Chaurienne is one of our best -selling French food ranges, with 1000s of re-orders over the years, especially for their excellent duck confit and cassoulet.

About La Belle Chaurienne

La Belle Chaurienne is based in Castelnaudary in the Aude region of South West France between Toulouse and Carcassonne.

A town widely reputed as the home of cassoulet. Although the nearby towns of Toulouse and Carcassonne dispute this claim and each have their own version of cassoulet!

The company was founded in 1964  under the trading name “Conserverie Du Languedoc” when the Castelnaudary town council backed the business of Michel Cauquil a butcher who specialised in preparing meat-based preserves such as duck confit and cassoulet.

“La Belle Chaurienne” was the brand name chosen. Why? Inhabitants of Castelnaudary are called “Chaureans” (for the men) and “Chauriennes” (for the women) hence the brand name, which implies strong links to the town itself and also encapsulates the French notion of “terroir”. Hard to translate into English (a rough English translation would be “regional culinary traditions”) but a term widely used in rural France, “le terroir” refers to traditions, know-how and values of a region handed down over generations, usually linked to food and wine production.

La Belle Chaurienne Logo
La Belle Chaurienne Logo!

History Of La Belle Chaurienne

From 1964 to 1974, La Belle Chaurienne was located in Castelnaudary town centre and started producing high quality duck cassoulet and confit.

Sales grew rapidly during this decade, especially when the company started working with the fledging supermarkets starting to appear throughout France in the 1960s.

Following much the same rapid growth pattern, La Belle Chaurienne again moved to an even larger and more modern factory in 1985, using industrial production techniques to bring down costs.

Fast forwarding a little from the mid 80s until today.

Conserverie Du Languedoc has been bought and sold by a variety of large French food companies over the decades, as each sought to benefit from it’s leading position in the premium cassoulet sector.

Along the way, La Belle Chaurienne has been awarded a host of production quality standards, won tasting competitions.

Today is a household name in France for good quality cassoulet and duck confit.

La Belle Chaurienne Today

The current parent company to own La Belle Chaurienne brand is Arteris – a French co-operative food group whose portfolio includes other similar businesses to La Belle Chaurienne who produce foie gras, cassoulet, confit and pates.

Despite all these changes, La belle Chaurienne continues to be run very much independently, and after almost three decades of working together, the friendly rapport we have with the staff is still the same as it’s always been.

Continuity permeates the La Belle Chaurienne brand, as well as its founding values of promoting regional gastronomy, quality and authenticity.

La Belle Chaurienne has managed to combine this commitment to tradition with modern trends.

The recent development of new recipes ready meals that are representative of these core values as well as being gluten-free and nutritional are a great way to get quality meals that fit with more modern lifestyles, where time for cooking is limited.

La Belle Chaurienne Confit De Canard

Duck confit is a classic French treat dish prepared by cooking duck in it’s own duck fat, with a little seasoning at a very low heat for a very long time, so that the meat becomes very tender. And as it is cooked and covered in duck fat, it can be stored in a jar (or tin) for long periods, which was useful before modern refrigeration!

Some Perfectly Cooked Duck Confit!
Some Perfectly Cooked Duck Confit!

La Belle Chaurienne Confit De Canard (duck confit) is one of their flagship products (along with their cassoulet) and has been a best – seller since we added it to our French food range in the early 2000s. We had missed out La Belle Chaurienne duck confit on our original selection, and it is thanks to a UK delicatessen customer who we used to supply that we discovered their confit. The owner asked if we could get hold of La Belle Chaurienne confit for him, which we duly did and ever since then these duck confit tins have sold wonderfully!

La Belle Chaurienne Duck Confit Tin
La Belle Chaurienne Duck Confit Tin

In our opinion, La Belle Chaurienne confit de canard is  one of the better quality ones you will find.

We sell thousands each year, with most people coming back for more!

And in terms of quality/price ratio, they are unbeatable. There are plenty of other brands on the market but non truly compare to the exquisite taste and reasonable price of La Belle Chaurienne.

With regards health, duck confit is calorific (yes!), but 100% natural (only 3 ingredients: duck legs, duck fat, salt), gluten free, and very low in saturated fats.

Duck confit is great to serve when entertaining and always goes down a treat! It’s very easy to prepare, time saving and the quality is very constant.

We also stock the less well known gesiers de canard (cooked duck gizzards in duck fat).

Duck Confit Cooking Preparation Tips

It’s worth placing your tin of duck confit at room temperature a couple of hours before use to loosen the duck fat so it’s easier to remove the duck legs from the tin.

Once done remove the duck confit from tin brushing off any excess fat and place in an oven dish.

Pre-heat oven to 180c and place confit de canard in oven for circa 25 minutes until crisp and golden brown.

Duck confit goes well with roast potatoes, a side salad, lentils, cassoulet beans, braised red cabbage …

La Belle Chaurienne Cassoulet

Together with the duck confit, La Belle Chaurienne cassoulet is another of the pillars in terms of The Good Food Network sales.

And with reason! It combines quality, taste and a very affordable price point.

What is cassoulet?

Cassoulet is white bean stew made with white lingot beans, which are cooked gently together with vegetables.

Traditional meat used in this dish include
– duck confit
– goose confit or pork
– Toulouse sausages
– or charcuterie (pork shoulder is a classic),

The result is a very indulgent and comforting dish, which is a complete meal in itself and requires no sides.

La Belle Chaurienne duck cassoulet is one of the better cassoulets you will find in France or the UK and at a very competitive price.

Like for the duck confit, we have some even better cassoulets in our range but at much higher prices.

So for everyday enjoyment and indulgence, La Belle Chaurienne is the best.

For you health lovers out there, la Belle Chaurienne duck cassoulet is also gluten-free, low in saturated fats, and nutritious but low in calories. What more could you ask for!

And just to wrap up on cassoulet, we invite you to read our blog post on how to serve and enjoy cassoulet!

La Belle Chaurienne French Ready Meals From South West France

Over the last decade, la Belle Chaurienne have diversified into preparing a wider range of French ready meals, which cover a number of specialities from their region such as coq au vin, poulet Basquaise, boeuf en Daube, blanquette de Veau, Toulouse sausages with lentils, Petit Sale aux lentilles, just to name a few!

These meals are available in one portion and two portion presentations and are ambient (meaning they do not require refrigeration), and simply require pouring into a saucepan and warming up gently, making them very practical if you are short of time but still want a good meal!

La Belle Chaurienne Poulet Basquaise
La Belle Chaurienne Poulet Basquaise

NEW La Belle Chaurienne Range Of Microwave French Ready Meals

Exciting News from La Belle Chaurienne.

They have developed a range of quality French microwave meals perfect for one person.

These microwave meals are very practical, time saving and not to mention top quality and taste.

From the moment we introduced them to our range, they have been one of most popular products – with people always coming back for more!

La Belle Chaurienne Microwave Trays
La Belle Chaurienne Microwave Trays

If you want to find out more about this new  and exciting meals or the rest of the  La Belle Chaurienne range take a look at our website here.