Five Delicious French Pates

Five Delicious French Pates

Please find below a selection of five of our most popular and best selling French country pates, which come highly recommended!

Smoked Duck Magret Terrine (180g Serves 2/3) Recommended

A Really Delicious Smoked Duck Pate And One Of Our Favourites!

Really delicious and one of the loveliest pates in our range – we quiet frequently have customers to email us to let us know how good this was!

Prepared with smoked duck magret, there is a pleasant and noticeable, but well balanced smokiness, great depth of flavour, and the pate itself is moist.

Perfect enjoyed on some rustic bread! Also a popular addition to French food gift hampers.

Terrine De Magret De Canard Fumee - Smoked Duck Magret Terrine


Terrine Perigourdine A La Veille Prune Louis Roque (180g Jar Serves Two)

Perigord Pork Live Pate With Plum Brandy Louis Roque – Maison Godard Brand

A very good pork pate from Perigord made with just pork meat, pork liver, eggs, prune liqueur, salt and pepper – so very natural as pates go!

Makes a flavoursome and enjoyable French starter for two on some rustic bread and with the optional addition of a good cheese such as comte! Our Lebanese fig jam with walnuts goes very well with this pate.

French Country Pate From Perigord - Maison Godard Brand


Terrine aux Piquillos et Chorizo (180g) Recommended

A Delicious French Country Pate With Chorizo And Piquillo Pepper

A delicious new addition to our French food from range prepared for us by Maison Godard in the French Perigord region.

What prompted us to try this was the addition of chorizo to the pate – the end result is superb.

You have the flavour of a typical French country pate, but with the additional depth of flavour from the chorizo and spicy notes from the Piquillo peppers.

Delicious served at room temperature on toasted rustic bread.

Terrine Aux Piquillos Et Chorizo

Duck Terrine With Truffle Juice (180g Serves 2/3)

A Flavoursome French Duck Terrine With Truffle Juice

A very enjoyable duck terrine flavoured with a hint of truffle juice – but only very slightly to give an “earthy” taste for want of a better word! The end result and texture are very enjoyable.a

The pate itself is moist, which makes it perfect for enjoying on some rustic bread!

Secret d'Eleveurs Terrine De Canard Au Jus De Truffes - Duck Terrine With Truffle Juice


Duck Terrine With Sauternes (180g Serves 2/3)

A Delicious Duck Pate Seasoned With Sauternes Wine

A very enjoyable duck terrine, with a lovely flavour and texture, and just a hint of Sauternes wine in the seasoning.

Perfect enjoyed at room temperature on some rustic bread!