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Marrons Glaces Clement Faugier (260g Gift Tin - 11 marrons)

Eleven Marrons Glaces Clement Faugier

A gift tin of eleven marrons glacés Clement Faugier.

Clement Faugier have a worldwide reputation for making the very best marrons glaces in France.

Characterised by large, moist, marrons which are not overly high in vanilla and beautifully candied.

Each marron glace is wrapped in gold foil and the tins are air tight to maximise freshness.

Case Offers:

No. Of Units Unit Price Total Price
1 @ £29.95 Each £29.95
2 @ £27.50 Each £55.00
3 @ £25.00 Each £75.00
4 @ £22.50 Each £90.00


Product Information

Product Details:

Storage:Can be stored at room temperature.
Shelf Life:18 Months.
Dietary Information:Gluten free. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Chestnuts, sugar, glucose syrup, vanilla extract.

Cooking Preparation Tips

Marrons glaces are delicious served with afternoon tea or coffee or at the end of a meal.

And we feel they’re best served cool.

Product Review

Thank you for your impressive care and attention to details. Top marks for customer service and communication. Best wishes Cathy.

Cathy, Lymington (Hampshire)