How To Store And Serve Caviar

How To Store And Serve Caviar

Caviar is the epitome of luxury. Its delicate taste, buttery texture, and exquisite presentation make it a true delicacy. But, to truly unlock the brilliance of Caviar, one must know how to store and serve it first.


In this blog post, we guide you through how to store and serve Caviar, so you can ensure that it doesn’t lose any of its flavour and texture. 

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How To Store Caviar

When storing Caviar, we have some simple yet effective tips that will help to make sure your Caviar stays fresh and that the taste is not compromised. 

  1. Caviar should be stored in a fridge, as storing it in a freezer or cupboard can alter its flavour and texture. 
  2. We recommend you keep Caviar in its original packaging when stored or wrapped in an air-tight container. Sometimes it can be good to let Caviar breathe, like a fine wine, but if exposed to the air for too long, the eggs can dry out and lose their flavour. 
  3. Once opened, we suggest you eat it within 2-3 days to ensure full freshness with each taste. 

What Is Caviar Use By Date Once Opened?


When kept in a vacuum-sealed container in a fridge, most Caviars last four to six weeks.


It’s not recommended to store Caviar in the freezer, as this impacts the texture. If you do freeze Caviar, an unopened container can last up to a year, but it is not recommended to freeze Caviar once opened

Room Temperature

When left unrefrigerated, Caviar can go bad after two hours. But if the serving area is 90 degrees or above, it can go bad after one hour.

How to Serve Caviar

Dinner Parties 

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If you’re serving Caviar for a buffet or party, keep it in a bowl of crushed ice so it can stay chilled throughout the whole party. This allows it to last a lot longer without the risk of it spoiling. 

Mother of Pearl Spoons

A mother of pearl is optional when eating Caviar, but it does add something special to the experience.  The idea is that thanks to the pearl material, the spoons don’t affect the taste of Caviar. Different metals can impact the flavour, so you will get the most flavourful experience if you use a mother-of-pearl spoon.


Some great accompaniments of Caviar are;

  • Blinis: Blinis make a delicious, flavourful bite-sized addition to caviar. You can add cream cheese or salmon to make the ultimate dinner party snack. Our recipe for blini and caviar has all you need to create your own. 
  • Lemon wedges: Be sure always to have a few lemon wedges on one side with some herbs when serving caviar for a fresh, crisp taste.
  • Cheese: Cheese is a popular accompaniment to Caviar due to its rich, creamy and luxurious flavours, which complement the salty and delicate taste of Caviar.
  • Wine: A crisp white wine will also go great with caviar as it adds to its indulgent, crisp taste and enhances its flavours. 


We‘ve got a whole blog post dedicated to the best pairings for caviar. Take a look for yourself here


Bon Appetit 

Now you have all the information you need to serve and store Caviar, ensuring you can enjoy its amazing flavours to the fullest. So whether you are serving Caviar at a dinner party or you’re just treating yourself with a little bit of indulgence, you’ll do it justice. 


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