How To Choose The Best Caviar For Your Dinner Party

How To Choose The Best Caviar For Your Dinner Party

Indulging in a luxurious dinner party is all about creating unforgettable culinary experiences, and when it comes to elegance and sophistication, few dishes rival the exquisite allure of Caviar


However, choosing the perfect Caviar for your dinner party can be a daunting task, given the vast array of options available. 


This guide will give you the best advice on selecting the right Caviar for your dinner party, ensuring it’s a tasteful affair that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

The Different Types Of Caviar?

There are many varieties of Caviar, and before you introduce them to your dinner party, it is definitely worth understanding their differences. From flavour, texture and appearance, they each have different subtleties that add something special to each dinner party. 



Texture: Beluga Caviar is known for its large, delicate, and glossy eggs. The texture is exceptionally smooth and tender, almost melting in your mouth.

Taste: It is celebrated for its mild and buttery flavour. The taste is often described as rich, creamy, and slightly nutty.

Appearance: The eggs are typically the largest, ranging from light grey to deep black. They have a glossy sheen and a smooth, unblemished surface. 



Texture: Oscietra Caviar usually has medium to large-sized eggs with a distinct texture. They are firm yet burst with a satisfying pop when gently pressed between the tongue and palate.

Taste: Oscietra is prized for its complex and robust flavour profile. It often exhibits a nutty and buttery flavour, making it a delicacy favoured by connoisseurs. The flavour can vary depending on the processing method, but it generally offers a well-balanced and satisfying flavour.

Appearance: It ranges in colour from dark brown to golden or amber hues. The eggs have a shiny, almost translucent quality, and their appearance exudes luxury.



Taste: Baerii Caviar offers a refined, buttery, and nutty flavour with a hint of saltiness, creating a delicate yet rich taste.

Texture: The Caviar features small, firm eggs with a velvety, luxurious feel and a satisfying pop when consumed.

Appearance: Baerii Caviar consists of uniformly sized, dark grey to black eggs that glisten, enhancing its visual appeal as a gourmet delicacy.


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What Is The Right Caviar For You?

Whether you’re seeking a cost-effective Caviar or if you’re determined to go all out and leave your guests utterly awestruck, then fear not because there is definitely a Caviar for you.


If You’re Looking To Impress: Beluga 


Typically, Beluga Sturgeon takes longer to mature (10-15 years, to be precise), and therefore, the eggs take longer to produce. This makes it one of the world’s most sought-after Caviars and one that will definitely impress your guests. 

The rarity of these eggs has definitely enhanced its reputation as an indulgent addition to any dinner party, so if you’re looking to make an impression, having a tin of this on the table will certainly do just that. 


If You’re After A Caviar To Go With Everything: Oscietra 


Whether served on blinis with a dollop of crème fraîche or creatively integrated into sushi, pasta, or deviled eggs, Oscietra Caviar enhances every bite. Its ability to seamlessly elevate a range of dishes is a testament to its versatility, making it the perfect choice for those wanting to add a touch of sophistication to an array of dishes.


For The Perfect Appetiser: Baerii


Baerii Caviar is a superb appetiser choice. Its versatility shines when used as a sophisticated topping for blinis, canapés, or oysters, instantly enhancing appetisers into gourmet delicacies. Baerii Caviar provides an excellent luxury experience for your guests, making it the perfect choice for those looking to start a meal with a subtle touch of elegance.


Caviar On A Budget: Salmon Roe (Keta)


If you’re aiming to infuse a touch of elegance into your dinner party without breaking the bank, Salmon Roe is your ideal choice. Its affordability stems from the abundance of salmon in the wild compared to Sturgeon, making it a budget-friendly alternative. 

Its vibrant red and amber hues truly set it apart, creating an eye-catching, luxurious addition to your dining that’s easy on the wallet. 


4 Classic Caviar Dishes To Try At Your Dinner Party


The Blini is a classic Italian appetiser known for its elegant simplicity. To prepare a Blini, choose your topping, either salmon, cream cheese or plain, then top with a generous spoonful of Caviar. 


Generally, the Caviar you choose for blinis is entirely up to you. However, popular choices often include Oscietra and Braerii. Both of these types of Caviar share a nutty flavour that compliments the blini’s simple flavours. 


Caviar Tagliatelle 

Caviar Tagliatelle is a pasta dish that marries the exquisite taste of Caviar with the comforting elegance of fresh Tagliatelle pasta. The dish begins with al dente pasta cooked to perfection and tossed in a velvety, creamy sauce made from ingredients such as heavy cream and butter. 


Oscietra Caviar is usually the preferred choice when pairing Caviar with Italian dishes. Once again, its nutty flavours complement the rich flavours of many pasta dishes, including Tagliatelle.


Roast Potatoes With Caviar

Roast Potatoes with Caviar is a mouthwatering combination of ingredients. It features golden, crispy roast potatoes paired with Caviar’s luxurious, salty elegance. Roast Potatoes with Caviar showcases the versatility of the ingredients, turning a simple potato dish into a gourmet masterpiece.


A popular choice of Caviar with this dish is Baerii Caviar. Paired with the simplicity of the roasted potato, Bearii Caviar’s strong flavours are only enhanced by the crispy and hearty warmth of the roast potato.


Caviar With White Fish


Caviar with White Fish is a classic pairing that celebrates the pure, clean flavours of 

Caviar and delicate white fish. Typically, a mild, flaky white fish, such as halibut or sea bass, is a great choice. 


We suggest pairing your white fish with Oscietra Caviar. The silky texture of the Oscietra Caviar paired with the flakey texture of white fish provides a special dimension to your dish, as well as balancing the saltiness of the Oscietra Caviar to create even more depth of flavour.  


We also have a great blog post on The Best Accompaniments To Serve With Caviar for even more recipe inspiration. 


How To Choose The Right Wine Pairing For Your Caviar


Champagne or Sparkling Wine: 

Champagne is the classic pairing for Caviar due to its high acidity and crisp, clean finish. The bubbles cleanse the palate between bites, enhancing the Caviar’s flavour.


White Wines: 

High-quality white wines like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Albariño can also complement Caviar. These wines offer a refreshing acidity and fruitiness that pairs well with the saltiness of the Caviar.



Red wines are generally not recommended, as their tannins and intense flavours can overpower the delicate taste of Caviar. However, if you prefer red, opt for a light, low-tannin variety like Pinot Noir.


For more knowledge on choosing the right wine for your Caviar, check out our post on The Best Wine Pairings For Caviar.


Bon Appetit!

Hosting your own dinner party can have its challenges, especially when Caviar is on the table. Still, with this post, you can host with confidence, knowing that you’ve got all the knowledge you need to serve your Caviar with class and sophistication. So whether you’re serving it as an appetiser or as the main event, this post can be your go-to for Caviar inspiration. 

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