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How To Store Duck Confit?

How To Store Duck Confit?

As many of our customers buy several tins of duck confit at a time, please find below some frequently asked questions with regards how to store duck confit!

How Do You Store Duck Confit?

Check the best before date on the tin.

A tin of duck confit, which has not been unopened, will usually have a life measured in a few years and can be stored up to the best before.

However, once opened, store your duck confit in a fridge and consume it within 3 days.

Does Duck Confit Need To be Refrigerated?

If the tin has not been opened, then no.

However once open, yes, store in a fridge and consume within 3 days.

How Long Does Duck Confit Last In A Fridge?

If the tin is not open, then up to the best before date.

Once open, as it is a meat product, consume it within 2-3 days.

Can You Reheat Duck Confit?

Yes, providing you store it in a fridge, but do so within 3 days. A good way to use leftover confit is to have a go at making Rick Stein’s Duck Cottage Pie as seen on his BBC2 series, Rick Stein’s Secret France.

Can You Store Confit At Room Temperature?

If the tin has been unopened. Yes. You can store it up to the best before date.

However once open, your duck confit needs to be stored in a fridge and consumed within 3 days.

Can You Eat Duck Confit Cold?

Duck confit is best eaten heated. You can eat it cold. But it’s really not that good all. So in practical terms, no.

We’ve already mentioned Rick Stein’s Duck Cottage Pie Recipe to use leftover confit.

Other ways would be to shred the duck confit off the bone, fry it gently with some onions or shallots and spring onions, add some cooked rice, a little soya sauce and you have a sort of Chinese style leftover, which tastes good! You could also stir a tiny it of Chinese plum sauce through the mix!

What Is The Shelf Life Of Duck Confit?

Minimum one year. Usually more.

Is Duck Confit Already Cooked?

Yes. Duck confit has already been cooked. The meat inside the tin has been cooked (in the tin) at very low temperatures in duck fat for many hours already.

What Do You Do With Fat After Confit?

You can throw it away.

But a better way is to place any excess duck fat back in the confit tin and store it in a fridge. The duck fat can be stored for well over a month.

You can use this to make BBC Good Food Ultimate Duck Fat Roast Potatoes and to roast vegetables in general. Duck fat gives a sweetish taste to roast potatoes and very pleasant texture and is an excellent roasting medium.

Moreover duck fat is low in saturated fats.

Can I Freeze Confit Duck Legs?

Yes you can. But if it is in it’s tin and unopen, then there is no need to.

Does Duck Confit Go Off?

In the tin, it will keep up to it’s best before date.

Once open, it should be used within 3 days.

Why Does Duck Confit Last So Long?

The duck meat is cooked in tins and so sterilised during the cooking process. The tins are then sealed so it is airtight making an unopen tin or jar of duck confit very stable indeed.

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