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What Is Sargol Saffron?

What Is Sargol Saffron?

We always refer to our saffron as “sargol saffron” and it occurred to us that you may wonder what this means!

What Is Sargol Saffron?
Sargol Saffron refers to the highest quality (grade 1) Persian saffron, also known as “red gold”, because it is characterised by a rich red colour and is worth more than it’s weight in gold!

What Is Sargol Saffron Made Of? The Difference Between Crocus Stigma And Crocus Style!
Sargol means “top of the flower” and sargol saffron is made up of the red crocus stigmas which have been cut and separated from the crocus flower prior to drying.

It is made using only the stigma (the top part of the crocus thread, which is deep red in colour) while the style (the bottom, paler yellow part of the thread) is discarded. The reason for this is because the crocus style has some flavour, but far less than the stigma.

This is why sargol saffron is more expensive – it requires more labour to harvest as it is even more time consuming to pick and then cut saffron threads to separate the top part from the bottom!

But the result after all this very labour intensive work is the highest quality saffron threads available.

The Benefits Of Using Sargol Saffron In Your Recipes
At it’s simplest – a little goes a long way! Because sargol saffron is made with only the most flavoursome and aromatic part of the crocus stamen, it has stronger fragrance, flavour, and colouring strength (drop a few strands of sargol saffron in boiling water and see for yourself!).

If you are of a more scientific mind, the crocus stigma used for sargol saffron, has particularly high levels of crocin, the chemical compound responsible for the aroma, taste, and colouring properties of saffron – in other words the flavour is stronger and purer!

How Do You Recognise Sargol Saffron Without Trying It First?

“The proof is in the pudding” and until you use your saffron, you cannot be 100% certain it is sargol quality, but a few tips

  1. Look for a deep red colour (with no yellow strands lurking in amongst the red strands)
  2. Price as a guide – good quality saffron is usually fairly expensive per gram
  3. Buy your saffron from a reputable supplier. Do a little research!