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Dried Morel Mushrooms 50g - Morilles Sechees Plantin
Dried Morel Mushrooms 50g - Morilles Sechees Plantin

Dried Morel Mushrooms Grade EXTRA (50g)


Dry Morels Grade EXTRA – Plantin Brand

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Grade EXTRA (the best quality available) dried morel mushrooms of exceptionally high quality.

Our supplier (Plantin) has a France and world wide reputation for quality and supply Michelin starred chefs, and these dried morels are superb.

Cooking With Dried Morel Mushrooms

Rehydrate dried morels 45 minutes in tepid water and rinse well before use.

Dried morel mushrooms then need to be heated up or cooked before eaten. For best results fry them gently in a pan and use to make morel mushroom sauce.

Recipes Using Dried Morels

We’ve just put below a few recipes you can try using dry morels

  1. Dried Morel Sauce – a quick and easy morel gravy of sorts!
  2. Dried Morel Gravy – similar to the morel sauce, but thicker.
  3. Dried Morel Bisque – a morel mushroom soup of sorts. Very enjoyable!
  4. Porcini Mushroom Risotto – you can substitute porcini mushrooms with morels for much the same results!


Dry morel mushrooms

Product details


Can be stored 18 months in a cupboard.



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