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Caspian Caviar Best Sellers Trilogy

Caspian Caviar Trilogy Tasting Gift Set (3 x 50g Caviar) Recommended!


Caviar Gift Set – 1 Royal Beluga 50g/ 1 Oscietra 50g/ 1 House Selection 50g

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A special selection of three of our best caviars, as selected by our customers, beautifully presented in a stylish gift box with our bespoke caviar bag. This is the perfect gift for any connoisseur who enjoys the good things in life. Tackling a range of caviars is a favourite way of eating caviar. You can really identify the differences, have a debate, find your favourite and generally have fun. We have added a caviar bowl, a horn spoon and our wonderful cocktail blinis, so you need little else.

Do note that the very smart black gift box has a magnetic seal. This means that it can be accessed, items refrigerated and then the gift can be re-assembled at a later date if need be. Also note that the Blinis have a shortish shelf life, so don’t leave the gifting too long!

Beluga 50g
Oscietra 50g
House Selection 50g
Caviar Bowl
2 x Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon
Cocktail Blinis x 1 pack
Caspian Caviar Cool Bag

The price represents a 12.5% discount on the usual price, plus a free cool bag!

Please note that all caviar products should be refrigerated upon receipt.

Beluga 50g
A delicious Huso/Baerii hybrid Beluga caviar farmed in Italy. It has the egg size and the flavour that you would expect from Beluga, although the eggs are a little darker than a pure Beluga. This hardly seems the end of the world as it is about a quarter of the price!

Oscietra 50g
A real caviar star. We regularly proclaim our Oscietra to be the best around, particularly at this price, and no one has yet disagreed.

House Selection 50g
The eggs are similar in size to Oscietra, but are rather darker in colour, some verging towards black. The caviar is lightly salted and has a mild, clean taste. It is surprisingly complex, with flavours of the sea sprinkled with citrus undertones. Gue/Bae from Germany.

Caviar Bowl
Two piece glass bowl – just ideal for serving caviar.

Mother of Pearl Caviar Spoon
Hand made in Asia and very tactile.

Cocktail Blinis x 1 pack
The traditional vehicle on which to deliver caviar to your taste buds. Some prefer French Toast, but feel free to eat the caviar on its own.

All wrapped up in a Caspian Caviar Cool Bag

Product details


Please note that all caviar products should be refrigerated upon receipt. Once opened, consume within 48 hours. Caviar can be stored in a domestic fridge from -2c to +4c (the colder and closer to 0c the better!) 4 weeks and more. When storing caviar in your fridge, it is important to store it at the back of the fridge on the bottom shelf where it is coolest and temperature does not fluctuate.

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