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Bloc De Foie Gras De Canard Edouard Artzner - Duck Foie Gras Block 45g Jar
Bloc De Foie Gras De Canard Edouard Artzner - Duck Foie Gras Block 45g Jar

Duck Foie Gras Bloc Edouard Artzner Case Offer (45g Jar x 6)


Foie Gras De Canard En Bloc Edouard Artzner –  Case Offer 6 Jars

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A case offer of 6 jars of our Edouard Artzner single serving duck foie gras block at £6.95 each instead of £8.95 single unit price = £12 saving on the 6 jars.

A very good quality duck foie gras bloc in smaller single serving jars, with a screw top lid which makes opening and sealing them vey easy!

Best served cool, on some lightly toasted white bread, with a chutney or wine jelly of your choice, or a little salt and pepper.

Prepared for us by Edouard Artzner foie gras specialists in Strasbourg.

These smaller jars are also popular to send as French food gifts and to include in luxury food hampers.

You may also be interested to read out suggestions on how to serve, eat and enjoy foie gras.

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Shelf Life:



Store in a cupboard. Once open, store in a fridge and consume within 2 days.

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