Civet D'Oie Au Vin De Cahors Maison Godard
Civet D'Oie Au Vin De Cahors Maison Godard

Civet d’Oie Au Vin De Cahors Case Offer (820g Tins x 4)


Goose Stew In Cahors Wine Sauce Maison Godard Brand – Case Offer 4 Tins

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A case offer of 4 tins of Maison Godard goose civet stew at £24.95 each instead of £29.95 single unit price = £20 saving on 4 tins.

A delicious French meal for three (large appetites) or four (moderate appetites).

Tender pieces of goose simmered in a rich and flavoursome wine sauce.

As ever – excellent – and first and foremost, in appearance, taste and aroma, this is a wine based sauce (Godard are masters at this!) – rich in colour, the smell is delicious – and like all this range, like home cooked meals.

The colour of the sauce is deep and appetizing – the meat is tender, and well marinated and imbued with the flavour of wine … we will stop there!

Side Servings? We felt mashed potato all the way to absorb the delicious sauce!


Goose (47%), pork, carrots. Sauce: cahors wine (18%), duck stock, onion, wheat flour, duc fat, celery, eggs, salt, corn flour, modified starch, garlic, parsley, sugar, spices.

Product details


Store in a cool dry place. Once open store in a fridge, and consume within 2 days.

Shelf Life:

3 years.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g : 952 kJ (230 kcal) Fat : 20g of which saturated : 0g / Carbohydrates : 3g of which sugars : 0g / Protein : 9g / Salt : 0.73g

Cooking Preparation Tips

Simply warm up gently in a saucepan, and serve with mashed potato or side of your choice!

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