Pitted Agen Prunes 500g bag Maison Cotolot
Pitted Agen Prunes 500g bag Maison Cotolot

NEW Pitted Agen Prunes 500g x 10 Packets


500g Pitted Agen Prunes – Case Offer 10 Packets

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A case offer of 10 packets of our 500g pitted Agen prunes at £7.50 each instead of £10.50 single unit price = £30 saving on 10 packets.

Middling large and moist pitted Agen prunes – the harvest was exceptionally good in Summer 2023 and they are some of the best we have tried in recent years.

Our Agen prunes are selected and packaged by Maison Cotolot (who have been in business since 1906) and have a really enjoyable texture and flavour – sweet, a (very) slight acid note behind the sweetness and satisfyingly chewy texture.

These moist, succulent, and ready to eat prunes are just right to combine with other snacks and cereals, and also add to savoury dishes such as rabbit stew … also work very well with Muesli!

We’ve also written more at length about agen prunes here and have a go at our Agen prune tart recipe!


Agen prunes (pitted), Preservative (E200).

Product details


Store in a cupboard.

Shelf Life:


Dietary Information:

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten and wheat free. Dairy free. Lactose free. Egg free. Nut free.

Cooking Preparation Tips

A good way to enjoy agen prunes is incorporated with some muesli or granola for breakfast.

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