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Pruneaux d'Agen Geants 1kg Maison Cotolot - French Agen Prunes
Pruneaux d'Agen Geants 1kg Maison Cotolot - French Agen Prunes

NEW Season Pruneaux d’Agen Geants (1kg)


New Season Extra Large Stone In Agen Prunes Of Exceptional Quality (Best Before 06/2025)

Order Now – Get It Tuesday 26th September Mainland UK

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Extra large and very moist unpitted (stone in) Agen prunes – these are the new season, the harvest was exceptionally good this year and they are some of the best we have tried in recent years.

Very large and moist unpitted (stone in) pruneaux d’Agen.

These prunes are calibre “super geant” and particularly large and very moist.  If you ever have tried stuffed Agen prunes (pruneaux fourres), our prunes are quite similar in taste and texture (especially if you soak them first).

Selected and packaged by Maison Cotolot who have been preparing Agen prunes since 1906.

We receive countless re-orders for these prunes and they are the best we have tried.

We’ve also tried to answer a few questions we are sometimes asked below!

What Are Agen Prunes?

Agen Prunes are the semi dried version of plums grown in and around the town of Agen in South West France. These plums are dark purple, the variety is called “Ente” and grown mainly in the Lot-et-Garonne region.

We’ve linked to an interesting read about The Prune Route Of France on a lovely Francophile website called “The Good Life in France, Everything You Want To Know Abut France And More”, which is really a must for anyone keen on French food and things French!

Where are Agen prunes grown in France?

As the name implies! Agen prunes are grown around the town of Agen in the Lot-Et Garonne region of France, an area very rich in plum trees.

What Do Pruneaux d’Agen Taste Of?

Agen prunes are partially dried Ente plums. The texture is pleasantly chewy. In taste they strike a really enjoyable balance between sweet and tart.

You can also soak your agen prunes in water (or brandy!) to soften them further. If you do this, the prunes will macerate in the liquid and impart their flavour to it and the resulting prune juice is delicious!

What Are The Health Benefits of Pruneaux d’Agen?

Agen prunes contain a vast array of different minerals and vitamins and are widely regarded as having strong anti-oxidant properties. They are also notorious for aiding in digestion.

A Few Recipes Using Agen Prunes!

A wonderful ingredient, it’s not always obvious how best to use Agen prunes, so we’ve linked to a few recipes below for you to try!

Try our own Agen prune tart recipe!

Cake with Agen Prunes, Almonds and Armagnac  – Courtesy Of The Good Life In France – we just particularly liked the take of this classic recipe!

Rick Stein’s Prune and Almond Tart – Courtesy Of “Food Love Food” website – a reassuring household name in Rick Stein who loves France and his recipes are usually good!

Prune Recipes BBC Good Food – a useful link as this webpage suggests a variety of different recipes using prunes!

More simply, you can incorporate Agen prunes in muesli for breakfast.


Unpitted agen prunes, Preservative (E200).

Product details


Store your Agen prunes in a cool dark cupboard.

Shelf Life:

Best Before 06/2025

Dietary Information:

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten and wheat free. Dairy free. Lactose free. Egg free. Nut free.

Cooking Preparation Tips

A good way to enjoy agen prunes is incorporated with some muesli or granola for breakfast.

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