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Domaine De Bequignol Chocolate Covered Walnuts French Food Gift Idea

Chocolate Covered Walnuts Case Offer (125g Gift Sachet x 6)


Domaine De Bequignol Petite Perigord Gold Chocolate Coated Walnuts – Case Offer 6 Packets

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A case offer of 6 packets of our delicious Domaine De Bequignol chocolate coated walnuts works out at £10 per packet instead of £12.50 single unit price = £15 saving on 6 packets.

These lightly grilled walnuts coated in fine dark chocolate and dusted in cocoa are delicious – more than delicious even – and a real treat for anyone who enjoys good quality chocolate and walnuts! We’re in a good mood every time we try these! As they have just been made, they are even a little better than usual and the purity of the flavour is just superb.

We have featured the Petite Perigord Gold Chocolates for over 20 years and everyone who tries them loves them – the quality of the chocolate used and overall taste and texture are just perfect.

Each packet contains 20 individually wrapped chocolate coated walnuts. French confectionery at it’s best.

These speciality chocolates are prepared for us by Domaine De Bequignol, a Family run artisan company in the French Perigord region.

Domaine de Bequignol works only with ingredients of plant origin (making them suitable for vegetarians and vegans) and uses only cocoa butter as fat, and no other vegetable fat.

Very popular to send as gourmet French food gifts!


Dark bitter chocolate 65% (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soya lecithin, flavouring: natural vanilla), roasted walnuts 25%, sugar, cocoa powder.

May contain traces of hazelnut, almond and milk.

Product details


Can be stored in a cupboard.

Best Before:


Nutritional Information:

Per 100g 2307kJ/ 552kcal Fat 40g of which saturates 16g Carbohydrates 48g of which saturates 37g Protein 7g Salt 0,009g

Cooking Preparation Tips

Delicious served with tea or coffee.

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