Whole Duck Confit In A Tin (Serves 4) OUTSTANDING


Whole Duck Confit In Tin Serves 4

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    An outstanding speciality by Mr Duck and real must for any confit enthusiast! A whole duck confit (the entire duck cooked in it’s duck fat).

    This confit is made using Mulard ducks and the duck meat is particularly succulent, flavoursome and tender! Serves 4 very generously!

    To prepare this, follow the steps below or click here to use the link to a video!


    1. Place the tin in tepid water for 30 minutes to loosen the duck fat
    2. Open tin and remove the whole duck
    3. The duck fat can be stored in a jar for roasting potatoes with
    4. Cook whole duck in an oven for 35-40 minutes at 180c until crisp and golden brown
    5. Serve with roast potatoes or side of your choice

    And if you have the time and no-how to make an orange sauce, it goes very well with this!

    An outstanding dish!

    Can be stored 3 years unopened.


    Whole duck, duck fat, salt.