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Roquefort Papillon Organic Green Label (100g)


Organic Roquefort Papillon 100g Slice


An outstanding roquefort Papillon (one of France’s most reputed roquefort producers) made with organic Ewe’s milk.

These 100g presentations serve 2 – 3 and are delicious enjoyed on some lightly toasted bread and accompanied by a glass of red wine.

Characterized by its colour between white and ivory and it’s smooth texture. Its streaked cavities of an intense blue give this cheese its  typical and full taste.


Product Information

Storage: Store in a fridge at 4c.
Best Before Date: 02.05.2019
Nutritional Information Per 100g: Energy 1572 kJ/ 379kcal; Fats 32g (of which saturates 20g); Carbohydrates 1,8g; Protein 21g, salt 3.6g.


Organic unpasteurised Ewe’s milk, salt, rennett, lactic and ripening starters, Penicillium roqueforti.


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