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Saucisse De Toulouse Aux Lentilles Vertes (300g Serves One)

Toulouse Sausages With Green Lentils

A delicious French meal for one prepared with entirely natural ingredients – and microwaveable.

Toulouse sausages cooked in a green lentil sauce together with larding bacon, garlic and other herbs.

Very tasty and allows you to enjoy a classic dish from South West France in minutes after a day at work.

Prepared By La Belle Chaurienne In Castelnaudary.


Product Information


Sauce: water, duck fat, antioxidant (sodium ascorbate), salt, tomato concentrate, garlic, pepper – Grilled Toulouse Sausages: pork meat, pork fat, water, natural pork casing, salt, pepper – Green Lentils – Larding Bacon (pork meat, water, salt, pepper) – Carrots.

Cooking Preparation Tips

Punch some holes in the lid using a fork and heat for 2 minutes at maximum power in a micro – wave.

Can also be warmed in a bain – marie. In which case place the closed container in simmering water for 8 minutes. Pour cold water on container before opening.

Goes very well with a green salad.