Rustichella Tonnarelli Al Nero Di Sepia (500g)


Rustichella Tonnarelli Al Nero Di Sepia pasta (500g)

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Rustichella d’Abruzzo tonnarelli al nero di seppia – black spaghetti pasta made with squid ink.

Rustichella pasta is made with selected durum wheat grown in the Abruzzo region and spring water from the Apennine mountains.

The wheat is stone ground and mixed to form a dough which is extruded through bronze dies. These dies create a rough surface texture which enables sauce to cling to the pasta and give the pasta it’s unique grainy surface. The pasta is dried at low temperatures for approximately 50 hours, and it is this slow fermentation process that gives the pasta a superior taste and guarantees even cooking.


Durum wheat semolina, cuttlefish ink (1%) (mollusc), water.

Cooking Preparation Tips

A simple and tasty way to enjoy this is to take around 250g ripe cherry tomatoes, one clove of raw garlic, a sprinkling of coarse sea salt, half a chilli, a few basil leaves, and a liberal amount of olive oil, and blend it all – and then stir this into your warm pasta!

Or to quote an anonymous customer!
“a French recipe for pasta. Garlic, shallots, smoked salmon, tomato 🍅 purée, & some olive oil drizzled on top. It was truly delicious ! The pasta has a lovely taste and texture. We kept half the pasta which will be for the next round with our mussels. Yum yum”

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