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Soupes Aux Moules Maison Perard 390g

Perard Cream Of French Mussels Soup Case Offer (390g Jar x 6)


Perard  Mussel Soup 390g – Case Offer x 6 Jars

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A case offer of 6 single portion jars of Perard mussel soup at £7.50 each instead of £8.50 each = £6 saving on 6 jars.

A recent addition to the Perard soup range … “veloute de moules” or mussel soup in English!

Perard have been working on this recipe for some time and the result is good! A very appetizing aroma of seafood hits you when you open the jar.

It tastes of seafood, mussels (very similar in taste to the stock/ sauce you have when eating mussels), and is very enjoyable.

To enjoy, shake well and pour the contents of the jar into a saucepan and warm gently until hot. Can be eaten as a starter (in which case serve with fried bread croutons, rouille, and optional grated Emmental) or main (you could even cook fresh mussels in it).


Water, mussel flesh, fish, mussel stock, onions, modified maize starch, white wine, cream, butter, Guerande sea salt, parsley, pepper, Espelette pepper, laurel, Thyme.

Allergens: molluscs, shellfish, fish, milk.

Product details


You can store your mussel soup in a cupboard until the best before date indicated on the back of the jar. Once open, store in a fridge and consume within 24 hours.

Nutritional Information:

Per 100g Energy 191kj/ 45kcal Fats 1,3g of which saturates 0,6g Carbohydrates 3,9g of which sugars 0,5g Protein 4,5g Salt 0,24g

Cooking Preparation Tips

Shake well before opening. Serve your cream of French mussels soup hot. Can be eaten as a starter or main (you could even cook fresh mussels in it!)

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