Mymoune - Mulberry Jam 250g jar

Mymoune Mulberry Jam (250g)


Lebanese Mulberry Jam

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This is outstanding and won a great taste award at it’s launch in 2017. As ever with the Mymoune range it is 100% natural.

We had little clear idea what a mulberry was before ordering – but like the description as a rare mountain fruit!

We have not been disappointed! Mulberry is a red fruit with seeds similar to blackberry grown in the Mountains – but with it’s own unique taste (a hint of fig in taste and texture?) which you have to just try. It is rich in fruit: 80g per 100g.

The jam is not overly set, but thick, and in our mind, quality shines through this product! Just use it as you would a jam!

Ingredients? Mulberries, sugar, fresh lemon juice, fruit pectin.

Shelf Life: 2 years.

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