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Mymoune Bitter Orange Peel In Sugar (150g) RECOMMENDED


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Free gift: Grade A Sargol Saffron (1g)

Candied Bitter Orange Peel


Every so often we stumble across a fine food speciality which we find really good! And this is the case here!

This candied bitter orange peel and the reason why we tried the Mymoune range in the first place!

We discovered these in a very good deli in the West Country (De La Torre’s in Tavistock) and felt the whole range was worth a try!

Bitter orange peel preserved in sugar and similar to orangettes, but without the chocolate exterior.

Very enjoyable served alongside tea or coffee, can be used in baking, and also work well as gourmet food gifts.

Another delicious way to enjoy this is to eat it alongside a piece of dark chocolate!

100% natural with no colourants or additives.

Ingredients? Bitter orange peel, sugar.

Best Before: 2 years.