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Mousse Au Confit De Saint Jacques (130g)

Confit Of Scallop Mousse

For scallop lovers!

A light and delicately flavoured scallop mousse which makes a delicious starter for two or serve on canapés when you have friends round.

The scallops have been confit in butter and the flavour of seafood and scallop shine through in a wonderfully balanced way.

Serves two generously as a starter or make 30 canapés.


Product details:

Storage:Store in a cupboard. Once open store in a fridge and consume within 3 days.
Shelf Life:5 Years.
Supplier:Conserverie Courtin

Cooking Preparation Tips

Best enjoyed served cool on lightly toasted bread with a chilled white wine such as a Sancerres.

A few drops of fresh lemon juice do not go amiss either!


Scallops (60%), fresh butter, onions, bread, water, salt, pepper.