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MIS LABELED White Truffle Infused Olive Oil (100ml) MIS LABELLED

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Free gift: Grade A Sargol Saffron (1g)

Plantin White Truffle Olive Oil


An offer worth making the most of if you enjoy white truffle oil – we have received a limited quantity of white truffle oil, which are wrongly labelled as “black truffle vinaigrette” – we have tried them and they are definitely white truffle oil – but due to the incorrect label, we are keen just to clear these!

A high quality white truffle infused olive oil for use in risottos and sauces.

Just a drizzle of this olive oil is enough to give your dishes superb flavour

Plantin (our truffle oil supplier) were founded in the 1930s and suppy chefs (including Michelin starred ones) world wide

Shelf Life 1 Year.


    Product Information

    Storage:Store in a cool dark cupboard.
    Shelf Life:1 Year.


    Extra virgin olive oil, white truffle aroma.

    Cooking Preparation Tips

    We recommend not to cook with it as high heat can alter the flavour.

    Instead drizzle it over a prepared dish just before it goes to table.