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Traditional Var Smoked Salmon (200g Long Slice)


Severn And Wye Smoked Salmon Serves Two


Some of the best smoked salmon we have ever tried in two serving packs and a great starter when entertaining or to use in canapes.

Severn And Wye smoked salmon in 200g packets with long slices of smoked salmon using just the fillet (best part) of the salmon.

Severn and Wye have a reputation for producing smoked salmon of outstanding quality, with a very yielding texture, balanced flavour and the fish itself is of supreme quality.

Product Information

Storage: Store your var smoked salmon in a fridge.
Shelf Life: 03.12.2018
Nutritional Information: Per 100g : 698 kJ (167 kcal) Fat : 8.8g of which saturated : 2.2g / Carbohydrates : 5.2g of which sugars : 0.7g / Protein : 20.1g / Salt : 3.2g


Salmon (96%), salt, sugar.

Cooking Preparation Tips

Smoked salmon is best served cool, on lightly toasted rye bread (some enjoy it with butter) or alternatively just add a few drops of fresh lemon juice.