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Severn And Wye Hot Smoked Sustainable Eel (200g)


Hot Smoked Sustainable Eel Slices


A very high quality hot smoked eel (sliced) in 200g packets.

Severn And Wye start with top quality Eel, and the oak smoking process and final preparation give you a melt in the mouth texture and superb flavour.

If you have not tried it, smoked eel is a real delicacy and makes a special starter for two. Please scroll down to view serving suggestions.

Product Information

Storage: Store your Severn And Wye hot smoked eel in a fridge.
Shelf Life: 03.12.2018
Nutritional Information: Per 100g : 1241 kJ (298 kcal) Fat : 19.8g of which saturated : 7.5g / Carbohydrates : 13.4g of which sugars : 0.1g / Protein : 16.1g / Salt : 1.96g


Eel (97%), salt.

Cooking Preparation Tips

Best served at room temperature, with some lightly toasted rye  bread, and fresh lemon juice or even better, creamed horseradish.