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Caspian Caviar Classic Trilogy Gift Set (30g x 3)


Caspian Caviar Classic Trilogy Gift Set (30g x 3)


A special selection of the three classic caviars that were synonymous with the Caspian Sea all in their traditional liveries of Blue for Beluga, Green for Oscietra and Red for Sevruga, presented in one of our lovely gift boxes.

A very smart gift for anybody who enjoys the good things in life. Tackling a range of caviars is a favourite way of eating caviar. You can really identify the differences, have a debate, find your favourite and generally have fun. We have added a caviar bowl and a horn spoon.

Caviar Gift Set contains:

Beluga Caviar 30g

Oscietra Caviar 30g

Sevruga Caviar 30g

Two piece Glass Caviar Bowl
2 x Mother of Pearl spoons to serve caviar
1 pack blinis with the 30g
Caspian Caviar Cool Bag

A Little About Each Caviar!

A delicious Huso/Baerii hybrid Beluga caviar farmed in Italy. It has the egg size and the flavour that you would expect from Beluga, although the eggs are a little darker than a pure Beluga. This hardly seems the end of the world as it is considerably cheaper!

A real caviar star. We regularly proclaim our Oscietra to be the best around, particularly at this price, and no one has yet disagreed.

SevrugaThis caviar has a much smaller egg than the mighty Beluga Caviar, but what it lacks in egg size, it makes up for in flavour. It is often described as the “connoisseur’s caviar” due to its stronger flavour. Soft, grey eggs.

Glass Caviar Bowl 
Two piece glass bowl – just ideal for serving caviar.

Horn Caviar Spoon
Hand made in England and very tactile.

All boxed up in a Caspian Caviar Gift Box, complete with ribbon

Product Information


Sturgeon Roe
E285 – Borax
What is Borax?
Borax, also known as Sodium borate, is a form of salt that is traditionally used in caviar production. It helps in the preservation process, improves consistency and also enhances the flavour.


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