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Gesiers De Canard Confits (360g Serves Two)



Duck Gizzards Confit


A fine tasting speciality from South West France.

Gesiers de canard confit (duck gizzards confit) are delicious pan fried and served warm with salads or oven roasted potatoes.

  • Gluten Free

Product Information

Storage: Store in a cupboard. Once open store in fridge and consume within 7 days.
Shelf Life: 4 Years.
Dietary Information: Gluten free. Wheat and derivative free. Nut free. Egg free. Lactose free. No artificial additives.


Gesiers de canard, duck fat, salt.

Cooking Preparation Tips

A traditional way to enjoy gesiers de canard confits is to warm them up gently in a frying pan and add to a mixed salad.

Also goes very well with oven roasted potatoes. In fact you can use the duck fat in the jar to roast your potatoes!