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Italian Fabbri Amarena Cherries In Syrup (600g)


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Free gift: Grade A Sargol Saffron (1g)

Fabbri Cherries


The famous Italian amarena cherries in syrup by Fabbri!

What can we say about these?

Least important first! Visually the ceramic jar is beautiful and something you keep!

But most important? The taste? The Morello cherries have a (very) slightly bitter flavour but  as they are steeped in the rich cherry syrup (which is sweet!) you have a wonderful contrast!

Enjoy with ice cream, to use in baking, poured over red fruits, even in cocktails!

The Fabbri cherries have around 3 years life – but even once open they can be stored in a fridge for months as the cherry syrup preserves them.

    Product Information

    Shelf Life:2 Years


    Sugar, Wild Amarena Cherries, Glucose Syrup, Water, Wild Cherry Juice (4%), Citric Acid, flavourings, colour anthocyanins extracted from plants.